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Medieval and Modern Law History  

The Medieval and Modern Law History Area of the Department, which offers courses in History of Medieval and Modern Law and Ius Commune, has cultivated and continues to cultivate numerous fields of research relating to the disciplinary field. In particular, there are researches about Ius Commune (12th-15th centuries), case law precedents and decisions, 18th century’s reformations and history of modern codifications with particular regard to Lombardy. Constant attention has been paid to the history of justice, especially pointed to the history of civil and criminal procedure between ius commune and modern codifications.

Since 1966, the Area has produced a series published by A. Giuffrè entitled: Publications of the Italian Law History Institute, which starting with number 30, due to institutional changes, was then changed to Publications of the Medieval and Modern Law History Area.

Over the years, through the work of the faculty of the Italian Law History Institute, now incorporated in the Department of Private Law and Law History as an Area, numerous collaborations have been launched with foreign institutions: among the most intensive relations have been those with the Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte, Frankfurt am Main (Germany); the Institut d’Histoire du droit de l’Université Paris II (France); the Institut pour l’Histoire des Anciens Pays de Droit Ecrit, Montpellier (France).

The Area’s offices have a very extensive library, which due to its special characteristics, attracts many Italian and foreign scholars.

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