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Roman Law  

Roman Law and Rights of Antiquity Section includes disciplines like Institutions of Roman law, History of Roman law, Greek law, Roman law, Roman law of persons and family, Roman law progressed and Exegesis of the sources of Roman law. When the Department was founded in 2008, the Section succeeded the Institute of Roman Law.

The main lines of research are oriented towards private Roman law (human and family law, obligations and contracts, real rights, succession) and public law (diachronic and synchronic multiplicity of ancient legal systems, studies on ancient forms of government, development of the Roman constitution, studies on citizenship, criminal law, etc.), the sources of ancient rights, the papyrology and juridical epigraphy, the Greek and Hellenistic public and private law, the Byzantine law, the Romanist tradition from antiquity to today, the foundations of European law.

The monographic works are published in the Department of Roman Law and Rights of Antiquity Series, inaugurated in 1963. Since 1998 the Section has also been the headquarters of the editorial staff of Dike, the first scientific magazine dedicated exclusively to Greek and Hellenistic law. The Section houses the library of ancient rights of the University of Milan.

Section's professors have established a lot of partnership with foreign universities, such as the universities of Berna, Clermont Ferrand, Liège, Poitiers, San Paolo, Trier, Tübingen, Valladolid. From some of these universities come scholars who participate in the PhD Course.

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