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Department Board  

Department Board


The Department Board is in charge of the strategic planning, organization, coordination and assessment of all departmental activities. To this end, it  exercises all the duties and prerogatives which are assigned to it by the legislation, the statute and other regulations.


Professors and Assistant professors

All Department's Professors and Assistant professors are members of the Department Board.


Technical and administrative staff

The Department Board also includes personnel belonging to highly professional areas, plus representatives of the remaining technical and administrative staff.


Domenico FerraroExecutive Administrative Areadomenico.ferraro@unimi.it
Irma CAMPANINIRepresentative - administrative areairma.campanini@unimi.it
Laura FRAGAPANERepresentative - administrative arealaura.fragapane@unimi.it
Maria Teresa MARRARepresentative - Library Areamaria.marra@unimi.it
Michela ZANONIRepresentative - Library Areamichela.zanoni@unimi.it


Representatives of Research fellows and Post-Docs, and Ph.D students

The representatives of Research fellows, Post-Docs and Ph.D students are:


Jihanw BENARAFAresearch doctorjihane.benarafa@unimi.it
Gaia MORRAresearch doctorgaia.morra@unimi.it
Stefano PRATAVIERAresearch doctorstefano.prataviera@unimi.it


Representatives of students

The Department Board includes representatives of students enrolled in degree programmes in which the Department is involved.

Matteo FUMAGALLIrepresentative of studentsmatteo.fumagalli@unimi.it
Diletta GRINGIANIrepresentative of studentsdiletta.gringiani@unimi.it
Sabina PACIFICOrepresentative of studentssabina.pacifico@unimi.it
Emma QUAGLIArepresentative of studentsemma.quaglia@unimi.it
Virginia RAIMONDIrepresentative of studentsvirginia.raimondi@unimi.it
Caterina TARANTELLOrepresentative of studentscaterina.tarantello@unimi.it
Luciano VASSALLOrepresentative of studentsluciano.vassallo@unimi.it
Angelo VILLANIrepresentative of studentsangelo.villani@unimi.it
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