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Didactic, Research and Third Mission  

The Quality Evaluation System checks the Department’s didactical and research activities, defining the objectives to be pursued, structuring the processes for self-assessment, constantly monitoring scientific production, verifying the actual achievement of planned results. The Quality Evaluation System also ensures that the quality of the teaching activity is well documented, verifiable and assessable.

The Department of Private Law and History of Law, thanks to the dissemination activity carried out by the Coordinated Research Center "Studi sulla Giustizia” and the numerous conferences open to the public, organized throughout the academic year, tries to achieve the result of spreading legal knowledge not only to an audience of "insiders".

In the Research section of the Department’s website, some pages have been populated with contents that present in detail the sections’ research lines and the numerous publications edited by Department’ Professors.

The Department, in the dedicated section of the departmental site, also carefully monitors Third Mission activities.

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