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Themes and lines - Legal History  

The fields of research pursued by the Area in its various disciplines are, in particular, Ius commune (12th-18th centuries) as regards the various branches of substantive and procedural law (private, criminal and public), legal thought, European practice and case law from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era, the historical dimension of autonomy and centralization, the role and function of the jurist (lawyer, judge, notary and public official) through scientific production in the exercise of the legal profession and in the history of civil, criminal and administrative law.

The Area organizes conferences and other occasions for scientific discussions and study in the described field, with the participation of Italian and foreign scholars. For the year 2017 we recall the interdisciplinary conference:

“Between History and Law. Ecclesiastical Justice and Secular Justice from Middle Age to Modern Age” (9-10 Novembre 2017)

The Area’s members have participated and continue to participate in numerous conferences in Italy and abroad; they are members of prestigious Italian and foreign associations in the field.

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