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Roman Law  

The Roman Law Section offers a huge range of courses: Institutions of Roman law, Roman and Greek law, History of Roman law, Roman law of persons and family, Roman law progressed, Exegesis of the sources of Roman Law. The main themes of research are: private and public Roman law, private and public Greek Hellenistic and Byzantine law, the sources of ancient rights, the papyrology and juridical epigraphy.

Section's professors work closely with foreign law scholar from the universities of Berna, Clermont Ferrand, Liège, Poitiers, San Paolo, Trier, Tübingen, Valladolid.

The Section houses the library of ancient rights. Monographic works are published in the Department of Roman Law and Rights of Antiquity Series. Since 1998, the Section manages the magazine Dike, the first scientific review dedicated exclusively to Greek and Hellenistic Law.

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