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The University Library Service  

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The University Library Service includes 21 libraries and offers a rich paper and digital collection that includes about 1.700.000 ancient and modern books, 26.000 paper journals, 12.000 audiovisuals, 200 databases, 370,000 ebooks and 65.000 electronic journals; it also includes archives of personalities and institutions from the academic, cultural and publishing worlds, preserved in some centers and libraries of the University.

The materials are accessible from the University Catalog and Explora, the search engine that allows you to query all the collections and access the resources of the Digital Library. The catalog also includes the use of a personal area that makes it easier to book texts, extend the loan and save one's bibliographic searches.

All the libraries offer services for study and research, equipped rooms where it's possible to study, consult books and magazines, borrow books for exams. It's also possible using the University Wi-Fi network, make prints and photocopies.

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