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Internationalization is a priority. The University of Milan established over these years educational partnership with approximately 300 european universities with the aim of promoting students mobility.

The University of Milan offers a multidisciplinary educational programme, which focuses primarily on four areas: economics, law and social sciences, humanities, medicine and healthcare; science and technology. Recently, the range of courses has been expanded and diversified, creating new study programmes focused on the social-economic contexts specific requirements. Moreover, some of our courses are partially or entirely in English.

The Department of Private Law and Law History promoted agreements with foreign universities with the aim of increasing students and professors mobility, creating joint and double degrees, promoting international level conferences. In the university context of international activities, our department has especially structured relationships with the following university-level educational insitution: Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (Facultad de derecho) - Argentina; Xiamen University (Law faculty) - Cina; Université Cergy-Pontoise (faculté de droit) - Francia; Université de Montreal (faculté de droit) - Canada. 

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