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Studying and working abroad  

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The University of Milan gives a greater international dimension to its academic programmes by inviting foreign professors with the aim of delivering courses of lectures. Cultural diversity and different teaching methods constitute an important added value for the development of students’ skills and abilities, while also contributing towards their human and professional growth.

Students Mobility Incoming
Students mobility is an essential part of the Erasmus+ Programme. Erasmus+ is the EU programme in the fields of education and consists of different activities including “Erasmus -Key Action 1- Mobility of individuals”, which gives students the opportunity to live a learning and professional experience in another country. This period will be fully recognised as part of the student’s academic career.
Students Mobility Outgoing
The University of Milan supports the international mobility of its students, by offering them the possibility to spend study and training periods abroad. Besides participating in the european programme Erasmus+, which allows students to attend Bachelor and Master Degree courses in one of the 300 partner universities, the University also offers PhD courses in partnership with foreign institutions and periods of study and training promoted by international educational organisations.

Researchers Mobility
The University of Milan is part of the EURAXESS network, that includes 200 Service Centres in 35 European countries, and is one of the 6 EURAXESS Italy Service Local Contact Points. EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion, is a unique initiative, promoted by the European Commission to facilitate the researchers mobility. Reseachers who intend working in some other european country, or to get in touch with their collegues throughout Europe, can use the EURAXES databases to share information and best practices.

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