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DIKE - Dike is the first magazine dedicated specifically to Greek and Hellenistic Law that publishes articles related to Greek's law and institutions - from the Mycenaean age to the Roman conquest - with the aim of improving the knowledge of this particular feature of greek civilization. The magazine will expand the scientific production contained in the Proceedings of the Greek Law Conventions published under the name Symposion, periodically organized by european and american universities since 1971.

ITALIAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - Italian Intellectual Property is the only English-language magazine on intellectual property rights in Italy and aims to spread the knowledge on this particular subject, focusing - since its debut in 2002 - on intellectual property law developments in Italy, a great interest topic for foreign operators who interact more and more with the Italian market. Published from 2002 to 2007 in an off-line format, IIP is now available exclusively online. The contents can be freely downloaded by users.

MILAN LAW REVIEW - The Milan Law Review, published by the University of Milan and the Research Center "Studies on justice", is published every six months in open access mode and aims to make the legal disciplines dialogue, promoting scientific debate on a wide spectrum of classic and contemporary issues. Born from an initiative of the three Departments belonging to the Faculty of Law, the Milan Law Review magazine counts, among its members, scholars from prestigious universities and research centers around the world.

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